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Economic Paper:Yemen’s economic collapse and impending famine: The necessary immediate steps to avoid worst-case scenarios, November 2015

Short Movie: A Broken Home, October 2015

Public Paper:The Role of Regional actors in Yemen and Opportunities for Peace, June 2015

In Pictures: Yemen's First Left-wing Conference on Social Justice, August 2013  

The National Dialogue has started. Interview with Tim Petschulat DW News Journal, March 2013   

Interview with Prof. Dr. Herta-Däubler Gmelin, former Minister of Justice in Germany, on Power sharing and Federalism by Nadia Al-Sakkaf, Yemen Times, January 2013  

Yemen's political transition reaches tipping point DW article with Tim Petschulat, January 2013  

FES country director on Federalism, IRIN News, November 2013

Reforming the Pension Funds of the Security Sector, October 2012  

Human Rights Minister meets FES country director, August 2012   

Report about an ESDR & FES Study on Economic Priorites, July 2012  

On a Capacity Building Workshop for elected Trade Unionionist (Yemeni Service Union), 11. July 2012


Deuschlandfunk-Interview zur Lage im Jemen, 27. March 2015 

Deutschlandradio Kultur Interview zur Lage im Jemen, 27. March 2015

Gefährliche Entwickung auf der arabischen Halbinsel, SFR-Interview mit Ariela Gross, 26. March 2015

Luftschläge gegen den Jemen, SWR-Interview mit Ariela Gross, 26. March 2015

Über Huthi-Siegeszug im Jemen, FluxFM-Interview mit Ariela Groß, 01. Oktober 2014

Jemens bedingungslose Kapitulation, ipg-Kommentar von Ariela Groß, 29. September 2014  

Gespräch über Huthi-Proteste, SRF-Interview mit Ariela Gross, 10. September 2014 

Machtspiele im Jemen, Artikel mit Kommentaren von Ariela Gross, 01. September 2014

Jemens politische Zukunft bleibt ungewiss, Artikel mit Kommentaren von Tim Petschulat, 15. Januar 2012   

Nach Übergriffen auf Botschaften - Wie der Westen die Situation entschärfen könnte, mit Tim Petschulat, 14. September 2012  

Drohnenattacken steigern Einstellung gegen die USA im Jemen, Berliner Morgenpost, 14. September 2012  

Politische Stiftungen unter Beobachtung,, 29. März 2012

Interview mit Tim Petschulat zu den jemenitischen Präsidentschaftswahlen auf Zeit-Online, 20. Februar 2012

Radio-Interview zu den Wahlen im Jemen auf DRS 4, 21. Februar 2012 

Vor den Wahlen im Jemen, DRS 4, 10. Februar 2012

Einschätzungen zum Machtwechsel im Jemen auf, January2012 


Seminar for political transition in Yemen and its Economic and Social implications for the period (2011-2015), 15.Desember 2015

(Coverage During Conflicts) Workshop from 12-17.December 2015

Saba Net

Saba Net

Economic Paper:Yemen’s economic collapse and impending famine: The necessary immediate steps to avoid worst-case scenarios, November 2015

Is Yemen on the brink of becoming division? Interview with Ariela Gross, 25. February 2015

Towards the Optimal Use of Solar Energy in Yemen Workshop, 09-22.February 2014






Yemeni Young Leaders Network (YYLN)

Team-building skills workshop, 21.November 2013

al-Nahar Press 

Communication skills and effective communication workshop, 09.January 2014


Advocacy, media and networking workshop, 08.May 2014


Federalism workshop, 19.November 2014


Improving the performance of the budget and ensuring social justice in a seminar in Sana'a, 21&31 of August 2014

14 OCT


Saba Net

26 SEP 



Public policies in the federal state TOT workshop, August 2014


Workshop on "public policies in the federal state", April 2014


al-Masdar online

Aden, May 2014

News Sum

Rasd 24

Aden ALGhad

Taiz, May 2014


Taiz net 

Workshop for women for journalists to advocate for women's issues , March 2014

14 OCT

al-Wadi Press

al-Saeeda T.v

Strategic planning skills workshops in the provinces 2013:


News Summary

al-Masder online


Saba net


Saba net

Saba net

al-Thawra net



14 OCT

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Interview with Tim Petschulat on Priorities for the Transition in Yemen, Marebpress, September 2012

Workshop on Strategic Planning and Negotiation Skills for Young Leaders(Sana'a), October 2012

14 October

Workshop on Strategic Planning and Negotiation Skills for Young Leaders(Aden), October 2012

al-Gomhoriah Net

Hour News

Mareb Press

Akhbar Alyom

Seminar in the Parliament on Mechanisms to Reform the Military and Security Pension Funds, October 2012

al-Methaq Net

Saba Net

al-Ettejah Net

Reports on a Capacity Building Workshop for Recently Elected Trade Union Committee Leaders in the Private and the Public Sector,
September 2012

al-Sahwa Net

Felix News

al-Gomhoriah Net

YDF / LCDF & FES Workshop on the Role of Yemeni Civil Society Orgainzations, July 2012

Saba net 01

Saba net 02

ESDR & FES Study on Economic Priorites for Yemen, July 2012

Sawt Alshoura

al-Ahale net

The Preparation for a Study on Economic Priorites, June 2012

Mareb Press

al-Masdar online

AFDD & FES Workshop to Discuss the Topics of the National Dialogue, July 2012

al-Masdar online

Mareb Press

Launching of a Project on the Issues of the National Dialogue, June 2012

Saba net

26 September

al-Maseer online

Project about Economic Challenges, July 2012 



al-Ettejah net

Freedom Foundation